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The Mission

Drive Hope’s Mission

It’s human nature to be affected by what’s directly in front of us in our own homes or in our neighborhoods. Sometimes, this view is limiting and we quickly may feel that our dreams and goals in life may not be possible. Drive Hope’s mission is to step in at the right moment and help those who may come from less-fortunate circumstances to see greater options for their lives. Whether it’s bringing inspiring roll models to speak to classrooms and social organizations with Drive Hope’s Hope Chats Career Program, or in the form of funding education programs and scholarships for students who are working toward a desired field, Drive Hope’s mission is to open minds and fuel success.


For example, if a teenager likes to write about food, how might he or she figure out how to do that if there is no one in their lives showing them? Now what if a well-known food blogger stops by their school and tells them exactly how she or he got there? Suddenly, for that teenager, their dream becomes possible. Perhaps it’s a graphic designer, or a pilot, or a dancer, or a sound engineer, or a software developer, or a musician, or. . .you get the point.

If we show someone that it’s all possible, their lives will change forever. And if their lives are changed, they will in turn show others down the road simply by example. For instance, check out the Drive Hope youth choir made up of young singers whose music programs were cut in school and have no place to sing. Realizing that working in a group teaches the students many life lessons including accountability and working hard toward a goal, the members were given a chance to perform with music icon Stevie Wonder—a potentially life changing moment for them all. If you work hard, good things can happen.


“When someone is in their element, they shine bright and inspire others without even trying. By helping one person achieve their dream, their family and friends are affected positively too. And this is a beautiful thing!”— Malina Moye


Through generous corporate sponsorship and public funding, Drive Hope will continue helping individuals elevate themselves and in turn inspire their communities.


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