Drive Hope is:


A nonprofit founded by international recording artist Malina Moye and indie filmmaker Marc Fusco for the purpose of opening the minds of youth and others who don’t have access or resources to consider a career outside of their own difficult circumstances.

What We Do:


We bring inspiring professionals into an interactive venue to share their own stories and encourage youth and others in low income areas to see greater options for their lives. We then set them on a path to achieve those goals.

Why We Do it:


If no one shows struggling teenagers what’s available to them, they may only choose the limited options they see on their own street. Giving a young person the license to think big is a valuable thing. It means the world. It is the world!

The Mission
Drive Hope Foundation fuels the passion of underserved youth and empowers those who possess the desire, yet lack the resources or access, to discover life and career opportunities in their community and throughout the world.
Find the great in you! #FindtheGr8nU
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Hope Chats Career Program
Imagine TED Talks for underserved youth. The Hope Chats Career Program brings inspiring figures from the creative arts and various other fields to speak directly to an audience of interested youth—all in the name of opening minds, sparking imagination, and boosting creative expression. Drive Hope is actively recruiting local organizers in several cities to establish roots in communities most affected by poverty and lack of resources.
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Drive Hope shines a spotlight
Supporting Others
Drive Hope has chosen a select group of non-profit organizations that are dedicated to elevating the human experience and to changing the world one act of kindness at a time.
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